Data Architecture

Architectures for leveraging a converged data landscape

Origo's Data Architecture Practice

Our team of experienced database experts provides our clients with the absolute highest level of capabilities towards modern efficient data modeling, architecture, and design.

We can handle both structured and non structured data models with document, relational and object management capabilities.

Data modeling, design, and architecture disciplines may be used interactively with our solution design and architecture processes to ensure that data components are fully compatible with the design process. This ensures that the mandated solution has a database design that satisfies the demands of the software architecture and delivered solution.

The database practice area also functions as an independent entity that can facilitate solutions for clients that just need database specific expertise.

Our loader, data layer services, and extraction technologies provide a toolkit which can be used as an integral part of Canary™ and Dynamo™, or independently to solve various data transformation problems.

These tools have been created to empower users and our experts with extensible technology resource capabilities for the ever-challenging landscapes of current and future computing environments.

If you can you afford 15 minutes, we would love to help you discover the benefits of how a roadmap, blueprint and architectural model can get you from where you are to where you need to be in the next 3-5 years. There is no obligation and the benefits of preparing your business for transformation are priceless and endless.

Act now and don’t compromise your vision by being unprepared to adapt.

Call 1.800.585.2246 to find out how you can start getting your enterprise on track for agile transformation today.



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